Lacey running group for all ability levels coming soon!!!

Now you can book with the very talented Kalena Soares-Kakulu

Hawks Prairie Massage Clinic (HPMC) is home to one of the most accomplished massage therapists in the nation. Emry, “The Massage Genie,” is an award winning massage therapist with over 15,000 massages completed since 2015. Emry has a truly inspiring story of beating unbelievable odds from childhood to serving in the military and finally saying, “YES” to starting a business; and realizing his dream to revolutionize the massage industry. Clients ranging from 2 to 87 years old come from around the world to experience the unmatched and unforgettable massage by,“The Massage Genie.”
We encourage you to become part of Team HPMC and receive what many have said is "the BEST massage of their life" – book your appointment today!